1/6 Scale Satoru Gojo VS Toji Fushiguro with LED - Jujutsu Kaisen Resin Statue - NIREN Studios [Pre-Order]

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  • NIREN Studios
  • Resin + PU + Metal + Transparent Effect + LED
  • 1/6 Scale
  • H60 * D50 * L57cm Estimated
  • Limited to 288pcs
  • Shipping Date:Q2 (June) 2024 Estimated


  1. This product includes Satoru Gojo's Exchangeable Right Hand and it can make different skill casting moves.
  2. The head and hair blood stain of Satoru Gojo will be optimized. The eyes of Satoru Gojo will used glow-fluorescence.
  3. The eye area and details around the eyes of Toji Fushiguro will be optimized.
  4. The overall base and Satoru Gojo's body are pierced by steel bars to avoid collapsing.
  5. The Dynamic LED Lighting effects will be added.


Due to the large size of this figure, the shipping cost will be expensive. We won't know the exact shipping rate until the figure is released, but we estimate that it will be just as expensive if not more expensive than the figure itself. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. Feel free to email us at support@favorgk.com for a rough estimate on shipping.  

*All of those statues/ items have not included the shipping cost, the shipping cost calculated when ready for shipping, and inform via email.