Mystery Power Packs 1:2 (50%) odds at vintage!

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Hello everyone!

You all probably already know about Walmart Mystery Power Boxes that retail for $25 and has a 1 in 20 chance of pulling a vintage pack. Well I don't really like those odds and realized that Walmart is constantly sold out of them. So here's the solution.

My very own Mystery Power Packs!

Each Mystery Power Pack comes with the following:

-5 random booster packs
-2 coins or 1 pin

-1 out of every 2 power packs contain a vintage. 

*These power packs are made in bundles of 10. Out of the 10 packs, 3 will contain vintage packs from DP-BW era. 2 will contain vintage packs from WOTC-EX era. The remaining 5 will not have vintage hits. 



These packs are made with a 1:2 ratio of vintage packs, but it does not guarantee that if you buy 2 you will 100% receive a vintage pack. Every pack you buy have the same odds of being vintage, buying more or less does not increase or reduce your odds. You can potentially buy 2 packs and both packs contain a vintage, or buy 2 packs and both do not contain a vintage.